Krissabel is taken from the first syllables of my real name. This blog is a sneak peak to what i run into about my everyday life. Interests, events, thoughts and songs i enjoy most. I don't think im an anime freak because i dont really know every anime there is, but i love Naruto, Full metal Panic, full metal Alchemist and a few more. I certainly love Cats. And i love playing the guitar. I love to drive around with my motorcycle, its the only time i use to think clearly about possibilities, situations and answers to my anxieties. I go spontaneous most of the time. And so, schedules doesn't fit my personality. I love surprises (good ones though).I love my friends and my family especially. I just love everything I have.And thankful enough I have everything In life I need.:)
Love may have given up on me. But I certainly will never give up on it.

About my blogs/reblogs/posts:
Im sorry if they kinda mess up sometimes. My thoughts usually go this and that. :P Whenever that happens, it only means that a lot of things are running across my mind. And sometime i do go quite OC which makes a whole page of what I was so into. Say for example if I have watched a movie and I liked it i'll post Pictures, clips,songs or quotes about it for say about a whole day. But anyway, I'll always be posting stuffs where we could all relate to.

thank you for visiting my blog. Feel free to check it out again.

God sustains us all. Feel blessed all the time. :)



Zoey Deutch in our family magazine. Ahahaha! #BelloMag #ZoeyDeutch #vampireacademy #RoseHathaway #WomanCrush

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